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Frequently asked questions

Is underfloor heating expensive to run?

In comparison to conventional heating systems, underfloor heating is less expensive to operate and may be considered as being a more cost-effective technology over time. According to studies, running a bathroom's underfloor heating costs less per year than running a washing machine.

Is underfloor heating enough to heat a house?

Depending on a number of factors, including the size of the building, the underfloor heating system, and the insulation levels - Underfloor heating can be suitable to heat a home. A room may be heated more evenly and consistently by using an underfloor heating system that has been built and planned appropriately. However it's essential to make sure the system is designed correctly for the area it will be heating.

What is the best type of underfloor heating?

The ideal form of underfloor heating will depend on the needs of the building, including the selected heat source and the type of floor structure. For instance, water-based underfloor heating systems are often better suited to bigger spaces and can be more efficient when linked with a heat pump or condensing boiler, but electric underfloor heating may be a viable alternative for retrofitting existing floors or small sections. In the end, it's essential to get expert advice to choose the underfloor heating system that will best fit your demands and budget.

Do you need radiators with underfloor heating?

Since underfloor heating is intended to distribute heat evenly across the floor and room, radiators are often not required. Compared to conventional heating systems, underfloor heating may deliver a more pleasant and constant temperature and free up wall space that radiators would otherwise occupy.

Should you leave underfloor heating on permanently?

Underfloor heating may be used sporadically and yet offer effective and consistent warmth, so it is not required to leave it on all the time. However, utilising a programmable thermostat to programme the underfloor heating system on a schedule can help to keep a constant temperature in the house. By preventing the system from operating needlessly while the area is empty or during warmer weather, this can help prevent energy waste and save heating expenses.

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