What is Underfloor Heating?

Underfloor heating is the modern low energy cost saving solution to heat your home.

Due to its advantages over traditional central heating radiator systems, underfloor heating is gaining popularity.

With numerous options, including electrical and water underfloor heating systems, UFH Group has a wide variety of options available, including inscreed, overlay, and special retro fit systems. This increased popularity of underfloor heating can be attributed to its numerous applications in many different building scenarios.

Using underfloor heating has a lot of advantages. It has been demonstrated to be a more cost-effective method of heating your house - Up to 25% more effective than radiators and 40% more effective when used in conjunction with a renewable heat source such an air source heat pump.

  • Electric Underfloor Heating

    Instead of using radiators to heat your space, electric underfloor heating employs electrical heating components that are less harmful to the environment and more environmentally friendly than radiators. Electric underfloor heating heats your floor to heat the area, removing the need for radiators to dictate how the room is laid out.

    The system consists of an electrical cable that stays hidden beneath your floor covering. When a current is sent through the wire, the electrical resistance causes the cable to heat up. The floor substrate absorbs this heat, which is then released into the area above.

    Which Electric Underfloor Heating system should I choose? 
  • Water Underfloor Heating

    Water underfloor heating systems heat your house far more effectively than conventional radiators, resulting in lower heating costs and a smaller environmental impact. The way that water underfloor heating works is by transforming the floor into a vast, effective, and unnoticeable heat emitter.

    A heat source, such as a boiler or heat pump, is linked to a pump and manifold via which the water underfloor heating pipes are connected. These systems may operate at a lower temperature than radiators because of the extensive regions covered by the pipe work, making them more cost-effective and the perfect complement to heat pumps.

    Which Water Underfloor Heating system should I choose?